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About Me

I began my art career in the publishing field as an illustrator for children's picture books and cover art for historical novels. My interest in the classical foundations of art lead me to study with Daniel Graves, the director of the Florence Academy of Art. I am currently teaching at the academy, where a rich heritage originating from the Renaissance and revival of the humanist tradition is kept alive.

My painting is approached in pursuit of fine craftsmanship and draughtsmanship. The colors, which are hand ground, and materials used are based on centuries of applied wisdom.

In living and working in Florence, Italy my creative spirit feels at home. The warmth of the human touch in the handmade aspects of living gives visual credence to a realization that pleasure comes from simple things.

I am also surrounded by a rich cultural presentation of timeless masterpieces, which keeps my own relationship with my work honest. The light and natural beauty of the Italian landscape is providing me a lifetime of inspiration. I am engaged in an endless dance, chasing and choreographing light as it illuminates the natural world with glimpses of beauty.



Melograni e Uva